Knowing Aspects of Your Work

>> Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I thank God that He has given me enough work resources to sustain my family’s needs and in times of needs He’s always there to support and love us unconditionally. Anyway I’m starting to feel the rush of work in my new job but I like it especially when I learn something from each activity that I do. I’m getting familiar with civil engineering terms and works because I will not be an effective administrative officer if I don’t know everything about the current detailed design project we’re handling.

Since I resigned from the same company and was away from it for several years already I need to review on things especially those that concerns something for my project. As Administrative Officer I need to update myself on all aspects or work in order to answer any inquiry, requests and follow-ups about the road project. I’m beginning to like being in a project as the work is not so stressful and my attention and focus is mainly directed to the project only.


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