Work Blessings These Days

>> Tuesday, September 3, 2013

With the work I’m doing these days I have no time for going out but I’m saving one day for my little boy’s birthday on Thursday. Anyway I’m so thankful for the blessings of work that comes on pouring on me and my blogger friends. Last month’s tasks from my regular companies and direct adverts are enough to keep my family’s expenses financed and with the way it’s going now I think I can save some for our Baguio vacation. 

These past few days I always work past midnight to be able to finish tasks and to update my blogs as well. There are new guidelines that I need to follow and it requires more time in writing quality contents on my blogs. Well I love writing and I definitely like my online job that even on brownouts I may even make a draft of my writing on paper with a battery operated luminara candles around to give me lights. Writing doesn’t just give me fulfillment but opportunity to provide for my family’s needs as well.


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