Three Tips for Finding the Right Student Housing for You

>> Friday, August 30, 2013

Looking for apartments near Murray State University can be quite overwhelming. There are many different complexes, each offering a wide assortment of amenities and benefits. They charge different rent, cover different utilities, and offer different incentives. To help you find the right apartment for you, consider the following three points: 

• Rent, fees, and covered utilities 
• Amenities and condition of the apartments 
• Your needs as a student 

Rent, Fees, and Utilities 

The important thing to remember is that all complexes will have different policies regarding rent, fees, and utilities. The best way to find the right situation for you is to visit several apartments several months before school starts. Take detailed notes and compare the different apartments to each other. You will find many differences. 

For instance, some apartments charge more rent but will pay for all utility bills. Others charge cheaper rent, but you are responsible for the utility bills. Depending on how much the utilities are you might end up paying more or less for your apartment. Moreover, some apartments will give you a discount if you will pay for a full semester or a full year at one time. These arrangements, however, might be accompanied by a contract that requires the student to stay in that apartment for the entire year. 

Amenities and Condition of the Apartment 

Another element that you might want to consider is the different amenities of the apartment. Some complexes charge more for such things as a swimming pool and workout room. If you use these features regularly that might be a great investment. If you don’t, you might find yourself paying more for something you don’t need. 

In addition, it is important to notice the overall condition of the apartment. When you walk through a unit, check for the following things: 

• Is the unit clean? 
• Are there repairs that have not been done? 
• Do all the appliances work? 

Your Needs as a Student 

An element that might be overlooked when a student is searching for apartments near Murray State University is what his or her particular needs are. Do you need a private room for intense study? Do you need a social life for an outlet? Do you have time to cook or will you be eating on campus? Based on your needs, look for an apartment that works for you.


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