Choosing the Right Career Direction

>> Sunday, August 18, 2013

When I just starting to work in my first office job in government bureau I was determined to make it to the top position and stay in that bureau for several years. I was really keen on the stability of government office but I was not prepared for the real world that faced me.

Working is not putting before your idealism because if you do you will be disappointed. I thought that when you have a stable job you’ll be secured for life but I was wrong because I started seeking for the things that excites me like the real corporate world I’ve experienced in private office. 

My previous work experiences after that first office job taught me a lot about life, career and the value of work. I also learned many things outside my college degree because my longest employment trained me in all aspects of work and assigned me in work tasks that I never know before – human resources, accounting, finance, administration and many other duties.

I began to realize that regardless of what you have studied in college you can steer yourself in any field of work and in any direction you choose as long as you have the capabilities, willingness and perseverance to do them all. Of course God will always guide and course your path to whatever you prayed for.


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