Dress Code in Work and Business

>> Friday, July 12, 2013

Women in all aspects of her life loves to dress up be it formal, corporate, casual, rugged or whatever style she wants to be.   Dressing up is a matter of choice and if you’re stylish you’ll end up beautiful in whatever you wear.  We need not wear our best only on our church, parties or special occasion but when we’re working also.  Being in a corporate work for several years exposed me to various companies and their regulations on dress code. 

Of course it will also depend on your position and rank in the company.  Those who deals with clients and attends meeting with higher ranks should be able to dress better than the staff.  They’re usually required to be formal and very corporate not just in looks but in their attire as well.  I’ve learned that it’s not hard especially when you have special coats  and blazers to go with your corporate suits.  These essentials are important to make you look very corporate and executive which will eventually help you in feeling confident of yourself.  In turn you’ll be able to close deals and be successful in your dealing with prospective clients.


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