Diving on the Island of Pianosa: Soon to be Authorized

>> Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Around the island, once a prison, since years ago diving has been prohibited as well as the passage of boats. Now it seems that in order to make the island of Pianosa and its riches - without devastating it as we love to do with the most beautiful natural areas of our countries - the Park Authority has decided to take care of the Tuscan archipelago, in a controlled manner and regulated access of boats and divers in the marine area of Devil's Island. In a couple of months will be the first opening which should then also involve other protected areas letting you go to shop from a great selection of wetsuits for water sports in Pianosa.

For the moment only the boats of diving centers will be able to dock at Tuscan buoys near the coast of Pianosa, keeping them under control by their sub clients. But the Park requires operators interested in diving in the protected area to send an information certifying the possession of specific requirements: the presence of an environmental guide of the Underwater Tuscany Region will pass the inscription of the diving center at the Chamber of Commerce by at least one year for the use of boats with boxes for the collection of sewage drains, equipped with motor in line with the European Directive and fueled with biodiesel, ethanol, gas or other 'green'fuel.

Already from this summer it will be possible to go down on these beautiful and pristine waters for swimming, admiring and take pictures to one of the marine environments that man has not yet devastated. I can say that it is an opportunity not to be missed.


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