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>> Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I’ve been employed with many companies in my two decades of corporate working and I’ve seen a lot of things that can make or break the company’s success. One of the things that I observed is the ways on how the employees keep or share confidential information about the company when they’re not allowed to do such thing. Well maybe we cannot trust all employees to be honest, careful and true to their words as not all have the character to be like that. As I’ve been in the human resources and administrative department for several years I learned that you should instill specific standard office regulations on divulging confidential information about the company. 

Upon reading mspy app review I was convinced that company dealing with delicate information should be able to install spy software. This is not to violate the privacy of the employee but to ensure the company’s security only. Those under the sales and marketing department are usually issued company’s phone and there should be monitoring software in which one of the management can access the phone’s activities remotely. As they can manipulate the data and share it to some other companies or abuse the company’s phone to their personal use it’s just fair to monitor or view full log of their emails, text messages, calls and other activities connected to their work. 

All these can be done through phone spy software with an SMS tracker which is offered by mSpy which provides mobile spying applications like GPS tracking, remote access, tracking text messages, phone book access, downloading emails remotely, and a lot more monitoring capabilities. It’s also user friendly as you only have to install the mSpy application on the phone you want to monitor like company-issued phones and log onto your control panel on the computer. Then you can track all outgoing and incoming text messages and more because even deleted messages can be tracked by mSpy. Isn’t it great? Very functional indeed.


Anonymous,  July 11, 2013 at 8:12 AM  

you sound like someone who's always gotten an A in obedience school.

In my experience the HR professionals are usually the most likely to do as told, never raise a question and to be blissfully unaware of anything other than the continuance of their paychecks

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