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>> Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It’s a common task for me to arrange everything in the office because I was assigned in the administration and human resources. My job actually involves everything that no one is assigned to. Anyway it’s not that tasking because the volume is not that big but the responsibilities are very broad. I handle shipment, some legalizations like licenses and registration, accreditation and renewals, personnel or human resources, purchasing, coordination with suppliers and some other things that involve administration. 

When we have trade fair and some other occasions I must see through giveaways and gifts to clients and partners. I should handle it with care as gifts should be chosen with particular attention to requirements and cost. I ask and entertain suggestions from others which are sometimes pens, planners or personal items. Some would even suggest the best cigars but it’s not for general gifts because not all people smoke and some who does prefer not to be given gifts like that as they want inexpensive gift only to follow some guidelines in receiving gifts. There are rules mostly in big and known companies that no one is allowed to receive gifts with high cost or in the form of cash.


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