Better Compensation for Hard Work

>> Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seeing those laborers working in residential projects of my brother gave me some thoughts on how they must be so tired after a day’s work. It’s one of the hardest tasks I know because they handle big and heavy equipment and they stay in the sun longer when they’re just starting to build the house. When you see them taking their lunch you can imagine how heavy their works are because their hunger is insatiable and they opt to sleep during their breaks. 

It’s a bit harder than farmers whom I see planting at daylight with motors and some with ulv fogger with pesticides to prevent pests from ruining their crops. Such hard labors should be commensurate with decent earnings just like in other countries where blue collared jobs have high salaries. I wish that the new set of law makers will be able to make their life better by studying carefully what should be done to augment their earnings. Actually not only them but a couple of other workers who give their best shots in their work but only receive lesser compensation.


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