Getting Highly-Driven Sales People

>> Friday, March 15, 2013

Our company is engaged in selling telecommunications equipment and lately we had a meeting to increase our sales force to help the company meet our needed sales margins. Even though we have different line of work we were asked to help the Sales department in searching and calling out prospective clients to maximize our time when our work load is lighter. 

I myself spent a month doing research by companies’ line of business and emailing them for possible demo presentation request. I actually did what I can to increase probabilities but I guess our equipment is too high end or I just didn’t hit the right client for our products. Since I’m not really a sales person and just helping out marketing and sales they didn’t expect me to recruit big clients. 

We arrived at the fact that selling is not learned on a week training as it needs studying and making out sales plan so it would lead to better opportunities of getting the clients’ time to hear our presentation for a complete explanation and demonstration of what our products can do to help their business. In this regard proper training and seminars should be given to the sales team so they can do their sales in the right track. 

Since an effective Sales Drive is the key to success in selling I sometimes wonder if I will be able to know it when I interview them. As the need for good sales people is a must to keep the company going they should look for sites which can help them hire and develop the topnotch sales people. 

With the help of sites like you can now use sales personality test and pre-employment assessment test that will determine the height of drive in their personality. Drive test allow only qualified highly-driven applicant to be interviewed thus increasing the possibility of hiring the perfect sales person to market the company’s products and services.


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