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>> Friday, January 11, 2013

In our daily work we can’t help it sometimes if we encounter situations that lead us to little accidents. It’s normal but it’s still unacceptable if you’re not covered with insurance or if you will pay for your own hospitalization. An employee or a worker should be able to claim benefits that would cover for work hazard and accidents. Employers should provide workers compensation insurance to their employees should there be a need for it in the future. 

In my previous work all employees have their trip ticket to record their travel, time and destination for a certain official trip whether it’s short or far to protect them when accidents happen. If they have the ticket submitted to the personnel in-charge all the time spent covering the period stated in the trip ticket would serve as evidence that they’re at work when the accident happened. This way both parties would benefit as they would be able to claim from the insurance. 

Well it’s a different case when things are not properly implemented like what happened to my friend who was run over by passenger jeepney several years ago. The accident happened when the driver of the said vehicle was drunk which showed how negligent the driver was. If you or your loved ones are victims of such kind of accidents better seek legal advice from lawyers like Trucking Accident Attorney Livonia MI  who will help you in pursuing accident claims. 

Legal consultations would help a great deal in assessing if there’s a case or not as victims sometimes have no idea of how they will fight for their rights and claims. For the accident victims who experienced impairment of body function there are non-economic damages like mental anguish, shock, fright, emotional damages, pain, suffering and humiliation that they can also claim. 

All of these will be possible if you have a good practicing legal experts like Trucking Accident Attorney Livonia MI  who will see through your case from first day up to the time that you win it. Just remember you don’t have to panic about your attorney’s fees as the advice is free and clients will only pay upon the successful outcome.


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