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>> Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loving your work is a great way in making your career a success. Some people just want to find and have a job even if the job doesn’t fit them which results to discontentment and lack of efficiency. But there are others who due to some good circumstances learned to love their job because they found that they’re more inclined to it than what they’ve studied in school. 

When I entered a consultancy firm I was offered a job that’s different from my finished degree course in college but it found a way into my heart because I learned to love it. There are several factors why I love my job which includes my office mates and my bosses. I was given preferential attention and respect for my contribution to the company. 

My boss trusted me so much and taught me various things. He let me handle big responsibilities and gave me financial stability as well. I left the company for a work-at-home writing job because my family needed me to be home always but I will always remember the best boss that I ever had the kind-hearted Sir Bob.


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