Swing Meeting Chairs

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Imagine sitting into one of those swing chairs while discussing company plans and activities to your colleagues and boss, what a thought!
Corporate meetings and conference are sometimes stressful due to topics of operation, situation of the company and a lot of things pertaining to the company.  Well it would be so much comfortable if your meetings would be in a more relaxed environment like what my former boss used to do.  Sir Bob would bring us to a good restaurant and held the meeting there while we talk about his plans for the company and what we should do to strengthen our team.

I still remember how he used to include me in his meeting with Telco managers to his own steak restaurant in Libis and Greenhills.  I could never really find a boss as kind as him but I'm also happy that I'm now working in the convenience of my home.  My current job as Admin. Head would just be a temporary one as I'm going to return to a full-time writing job.


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