Keeper of the Keys at Work

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I was waiting for the elevator on my way down to ground floor when I overheard the guard on our adjacent call center office that the keys to comfort room are missing.  There's a new key given to each office for each floor rest rooms and if you don't have a key you will not be able to use them.  Of course we have our own in our office but some other offices opted not to have it for some reason.  Anyway the call center has too many employees and the guard got confused who has the key the last time he gave it.

Since there's no one who answered the responsibility of keeping the key the guard pay for the lost key and got another. If only I can suggest this to him so he will not get confused whoever gets the key.  As for the employees they will also know where to place the key after they've used it. 


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