Sweet Fruits of Working

>> Monday, September 3, 2012

I love working and for the past two decades of my life I’ve been to various companies and handled different positions that I never imagined I can do. The past employment years has given me enough work experiences that enable me to land jobs easily. Now after I’ve given myself a break for two years in corporate world I’m back again. I’m in my present company for more than a year now but I’m still continuing my online work. Blogging has given bountiful earning opportunities and from my online income I was able to buy even my whims and my favorite gadgets. 

Even if watches like TAG Heuer watches or other designer watches are a bit expensive I can buy it if I want to not from my office salary but from my online income. I was never a shopaholic but sometimes I indulge to some gadgets that I love and most often I also need. It’s not bad to shop for the things that you want as long as you’ve earned it. Every year I made it a point to buy something for myself so I’ll be happy working, thinking that through hard work I can buy what I want.


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