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>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

In my current job in a company that sells telecommunication equipment and IT devices I was in-charge of making sure that shipment should be sent in the safest and most affordable way available. I deal with couriers and forwarders and decide on which company we can save more with regards to freight charges and shipping costs. It’s a job that I never dreamed of because I find it easy but coupled with risks as well. Information about shipped documents should be dealt with caution because failure to do so will cause hazard in the release.  

I have experienced receiving a shipment with invoice error from our supplier and we suffered the consequences of paying penalty charges. Being a neophyte in this kind of work I was disappointed at first then I realized that I should learn from it and be cautious in our future transactions.   Now after several months of that bad incident I am extra careful with my instruction to supplier that they include the right invoice details as we will have a hard time with Customs on any error that they will see be it a real mistake or just a typo error. 

Shipping is not just sending goods to whoever you want it has many things involved in it so it should be carefully arranged to prevent hassles. This is the same when you deal with transportation of hazardous materials  because it requires safety in packing and handling of chemicals, radioactive materials, aircraft parts, biological substances, blood products, paints, oil, gas and more. It involves tedious and complex process that an effective shipping solutions will be able to help to allow simple and safe shipping. 

Choosing the right carrier is the way to handle hazmat shipping  in the best way possible and to do this eShipLab’s solution should be at hand. Their easy-to-use web application software will help to ensure that proper training will be done and all shipments will be in accordance with the regulations from involved government agencies. eShipGlobal will help you choose the right carrier by lining up carriers according to shipping costs and details. This will cut shipping costs and provide single point of execution for all documents and parcels for that affordable and simplified shipping.


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