Careers with a Masters Degree in Project Management

>> Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Masters degree in project management is very useful in today’s job market. Nowadays, most businesses will consider a project manager to be an essential and useful addition to their team. In recent years, the number of industries that require project managers has grown, meaning that there is now a greater need for graduates with project management skills and expertise.

A career in project management entails, in basic terms, leading a team and ensuring that business projects are completed and delivered. People that have completed a Masters in a project management subject will already be aware of how to lead a team effectively, and will hopefully have a proven track record of doing this. 

The most obvious career path to pursue after graduating with a Masters degree in project management is working as a project manager for a successful company. Opportunities to work for large companies can take you all over the world, and pay extremely well. Many graduate schemes take on project management graduates with an attractive starting salary, and many opportunities to climb the career ladder. The best industries in which to look for work are engineering, manufacturing and construction. 

Another road to success after a project management degree is to start a new business. Many people dream of setting up their own company but cannot achieve this goal because they are not organized enough. Project management graduates will have the leadership and organizational skills required to plan and start a new business.  

Working on a freelance basis may suit project management graduates who don’t want to be tied down to one company. While many companies employ an in-house project manager, some smaller companies may choose to hire freelance project managers instead. This is an ideal opportunity for people who want the freedom to choose projects that interest them the most. In doing this, it is possible to build up an impressive portfolio of successful projects that will lead to more freelance opportunities, or even the chance of a lucrative role within a company.


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