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>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Health care jobs are one of the noblest jobs that I can count on my list. Everyone in this field seems to exert extra effort in caring for people who needs treatment, care and attention when they’re in hospitals or clinic. I have nurse friends who are in this field and witnessed how they devote their life to patient service even when they also needs caring when they’re sick. I actually admire their dedication in performing their duties especially those assigned in emergency section where cases of extreme sickness are common. I have experienced being in emergency room and not everyone can stand being there but if you see the doctors and nurses attending the patients you’ll see their strength, perseverance and patience in giving treatment to patients. 

For me it’s a tough job and compared to other fields it seems others are easier and lighter because when they fail to give their best their patient’s life will be at stake. Anyway seeing the importance of nurse attitude towards work and their skills and knowledge it brought some thoughts to my mind that indeed they need something that will update their medical knowledge and if possible they can also search for opportunities on how to advance their skills. As the nursing profession is fast advancing through emerging technology they should be able to adapt to modern medical changing times. They also need further and continued education to be able to give their full service to health care industry. 

With this in mind it’s good that there’s Nursing 2013, the ultimate source for clinical and professional information, equipment updates, latest news and more. If the nurses need some quick updates on some topics in nursing they can refer to the magazine for help. It also has ample information on diseases, drugs, strategies on nursing care and legal matters as well. If they want to continue or advance their education they also offer plenty of opportunities to their skills advancement. So if you want to keep ahead in insightful readings, best practices and nursing techniques used in clinics, hospital and ER this magazine will keep you ahead.


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