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>> Friday, August 31, 2012

Accidents happen everywhere and even if you’re a careful driver it’s possible that you’ll meet accidents in the road because of other reckless drivers. My friend had experienced this several years ago when he was waiting for a vehicle and suddenly a jeep came rushing over to the commuter’s waiting shed and run over people. It was found out later that the said driver of passenger jeepney was drunk and was not able to control the vehicle he was driving.

My friend was just unlucky because he has seen it coming and went to a safer place yet he was still hit by the car. The accident has paralyzed him for two years and the driver and operator of the vehicle paid for all the expenses incurred in hospitalization. My friend didn’t pursue with filing a complaint and case because he thought of the driver’s family and 3 kids. He was thinking that if the man would be imprisoned there will be no one to sustain the expenses of the little kids. Anyway the driver was very remorseful and swore he would never drive again when he’s drunk. 

My friend has his own principle in life and we can’t dictate him to change his decision. Maybe he’s right about not pursuing the case but others think that it’s sometimes good for the reckless drivers to learn their lesson the hard way. I’ve known some cases of this kind and learned that Spotsylvania reckless driving lawyers provides legal services to people who were sued for reckless driving, DUI, speeding tickets and other cases. They’re in defense of them and provide counsel and advice to judges and attorneys. They also developed traffic law courses. 

If you’re one of those people with charges of the above cases in Spotsylvania County, Virginia visit for legal assistance and you’ll also be provided with counsel and advice on following traffic laws. Please remember that being reckless in driving not only endanger your life but of the other innocent people as well. If you have a family you don’t want others to put your family’s safety to risk. Be a responsible driver and citizen.


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