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>> Friday, August 24, 2012

It’s raining for more than a week now and the more it’s hard to commute going to work. Traffic has been my problem ever since and now it’s more than I expected it because when it’s raining cars suddenly slows down. On days like these I sometimes wish that I’m working at home again without the hassles of bad weather and traffic. It doesn’t end there because it’s also messy when you’re dressed in corporate attire and vehicles are not available. I don’t drive and even if I am parking will be a problem too.

Anyway on these messy mornings and traffic jams I would love to go casual or rugged attire with backpack so I would feel really comfortable. Heavy rains and gusty winds will not a problem too because I will not worry about my clothes and bags. Well I can do it on Fridays but not on a Monday and following days. We should be dressed decently and in corporate attire when at work.


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