Learning How to Play Musical Instruments

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

My kids love music and they love playing instruments too. Last year I was able to enroll my two girls in basic piano class and my little boy in drum lessons and from then on they didn’t stopped from practicing what they learned from their music summer class. We already have an organ where they can practice their music piece but they told me that they also want to learn playing the guitar. I smiled to myself because when I was at their age I also want to take guitar lessons but time and budget didn’t allowed those privileges so I promised myself that if my kids would express interest I will enroll them.

I’m canvassing different types of guitar for them now and I’ve found one that can also be used as electric guitar. Of course I want something like that of gibson les paul studio ebony gold electric guitar but since the kids are only starting out a simple and regular guitar will do for now. Hope they will find time now to continue with their goal of learning musical instruments because they’re very busy with school activities. At times my second daughter would try to squeeze in some minutes for her piano but the stress of doing assignments and projects is taking its toll on them that she’ll stop and rest. I told them that they have plenty of hours to do their hobbies of music playing when they have school vacation.


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