Gardening Skills

>> Sunday, May 27, 2012

My cousin’s husband takes care of our Mom’s land in the province. Gardening is one of his skills and hobbies and since he’s good at it my brother asked him to make one of the lands a vegetable mini farm. He’s thinking of having a rain barrel water pumpat once to help him out in maintaining the garden but decided to look and search for a good brand that will last for long period of usage time. 

It’s nice to look and stay at the garden because you’ll see some plants that are ready for harvesting. We have peppers, calamansi trees, tomatoes, okra, camote, some green leafy vegetables and a lot more, some of whom I didn’t recognized at first sight. When we visit our hometown we took some of the harvest and bring it home where veggies and spices are quite expensive. How I wish that we could go there every weekend but our schedules are so tight that we can’t make it as often as we want.


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