British Gas-A Firm Which Thrives on Growth

>> Thursday, May 10, 2012

The big six energy suppliers were hit hard by price hikes affecting wholesale gas. This forced many gas and electricity firms to raise their sale prices in a bid to cover their costs. British Gas was no exception, but after independent energy regulators called for change, they rose to the challenge, ameliorating all their policies by making them less complex, and easier for the general public to digest. In a bid to make things easier on their customers during the recession, British Gas has begun to offer an increasing amount of energy efficiency services, so that even if wholesale energy prices increase considerably, customers of British Gas have the most suitable equipment and the most comprehensive advice to guide them through how to use their energy more efficiently and prevent sizeable increases in bills.

To this end, British gas offers smart meter installation so that customers can monitor their energy use from home, insulation services to reduce their heat loss through walls, and a range of services for business owners who want to run their buildings more efficiently in line with new government legislation. British Gas is quickly becoming a company which stands for growth and change within the sector, supporting a number of projects which aim to conserve the environment and sustain our resources for those who succeed us.


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