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>> Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In all offices that I worked since Internet invades the world I’m always assigned to work that involves being online all the time. I was assigned to be the international carrier settlement officer in my previous job in minor Telco company and it required me to be online all the time. All coordination, inquiries, billings and disputes were done through internet communications and Ii realized how valuable this innovation into corporate business. It has served as an easy way of communicating with other businesses around the globe and makes it convenient to transact and to relay information across. All transactions were carried in the least possible time and all I need to check is our associate’s time zone in order to gauge our online communication. 

 Everything’s fine and good until I’ve experienced security trouble and learned that Internet Security Software should be installed to prevent viruses from corrupting our confidential files and hacking online transactions. Business communications over the net should have the best security in order to assure safety of agreements and finance transactions as well. I’m just thankful that our software specialist in the office knows how to prevent all these and where we can get the protection that will not only prevent us from having viruses but to maintain the system’s security also. 

With the help of Trend Antivirus businesses will be able to secure what they’re transmitting over the net. It will also make them feel safe that they develop solutions on how to prevent, secure and manage the whole company’s security network. Now that innovations are fast emerging and cloud environments are here already they also offer solutions that can protect the most confidential and precious data not just in physical and virtual aspects but in cloud environment as well. Rest assured that businesses will not worry about their security again.


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