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>> Thursday, February 23, 2012

In my work there’s always a need to be extra cautious with managing files and documents. Documents are so important that saving files and having backups should be done daily. But backups are not safe in other forms like using CDs, USB sticks and other means because sooner or later they will crash or get ruined. For securing work files it’s best to get a reliable online storage where your files can be protected. It will also be an added benefit that it should be easily accessible just like what JustCloud offers to clients.
JustCloud gives you have peace of mind over your important files at work and at home. It will backup all the files that you choose to the Cloud and after the initialization it will automatically saves updates and backup new additional files. You can run a backup schedule as you wish but it also backup files at the same time daily. Rest assured that data files are not only safe and secured but accessible anytime you want and from anywhere you’re located around the globe. You don’t have to carry your physical storage like USB drive or external hard disks when you move around or when you’re in travel because you can have it easily whenever, wherever. That’s what we call data innovation.


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