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>> Wednesday, November 2, 2011

With today’s generation, people’s demands focus on quicker, instant and smarter solutions. As our technology advances, people are expecting that there will be new and advanced innovations that will allow them to work in an easier way and shorter time than usual just like inventing an automatic machine to wash the dishes or the simplest things such as automatically opening the door once they recognized the person ringing the bell through the camera. 

With so much technological developments nowadays, are we certain that we are giving more focus with the important ones? Take education as an example. 

For all you know, there is a new learning method available today that has been very effective even when you’re out of the classroom. With our technology today, the basic key for this to be possible is the learning management software, with the help of the widely spread internet. So what exactly is this?

Learning management system is a powerful program designed to provide effectiveness with regard to the management of many business, IT related organization and even with education. This supports massive benefits not only for the organization in general but also for the training department as it can help in delivering and managing training in various ways. Normally, LMS is separated into three different parts. First, the management system has the capability to track and report the learning activities of an organization or individual. Second, it allows creating or uploading the training department’s own in-house or purchased learning courses through the content authoring system. Lastly, it focuses on the content and courses itself.

The success of this learning management system in education is proven to be very effective since it offers an advanced online teaching and learning experience. It’s ability to provide tremendous learning materials will give both instructors and students the opportunity to work in an environment that uses internet. Web applications such as online video chat and other interactive web based programs will allow the students to be at ease and feel the presence of the classroom. They can also interact with other students, allowing them to build a strong and healthy relationships and ideas that will help them in the completion of their courses.

One of the best benefits of LMS is its tracking feature. The completion of the courses, compliance, certifications and human resources concerns will be tracked and there will always be a back up for all the records. LMS also has the feature of monitoring the effectiveness of an individual by the evaluations and courses performed as well as the attendance.

In general, learning management system develops connection with other people. It helps in the communication in an organization or between students and instructors by allowing them to deliver information and as well as other resources that they need to improve in their work spaces, documents, calendar events and important updates with the courses available and as well as their performance.

As what we can see, technology really evolves. Indeed there are developments that will allow us to study or work even at the comfort of our home by using the cyberspace or being in a virtual environment that has the learning management system. This is definitely one of the useful and proactive technological innovations that we have today and it’s a good thing that education was given its priority. Truly this is a helpful method to enhance our knowledge and skills while building a strong relationship with other people and participating with the online activities offered just like in an ordinary school.

Now, we can say that technology has a great influenced in our lives but we should not always depend on them and try to be more productive by ourselves. We have to use them wisely and become more dependent with our own capabilities and knowledge as these will truly help us to become a better individual.


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