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>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I’ve observed that most of us in the office have either cough, colds or problem in throat areas. After some hours we try to turn off our air-conditioning unit because it emits very cold temperature and it’s harder for the ones who have difficulty in breathing with their colds. I know how hard it is to have respiratory-related diseases because you can’t concentrate on work and other activities. Imagine yourself working amidst teary eyes, runny nose and frequent coughs. Anyway clean air environment should also be present in our workplace because we stay for 8 hours or more in our offices and working areas. 

Offices should also have air purifiers like Rabbit Air  because we should be able to breathe fresh clean air without fear of acquiring seasoned diseases like flu, coughs and colds. Air purifiers should be present especially for those who have asthma or allergies. But we should also choose the one that’s perfect for our needs like Rabbit Air which purifies air by removing toxins like dust, allergens and eliminate foul odors from mildew, mold, cigarettes and some chemicals. I learned that it’s best to use HEPA filtering our purifiers because they have better filter quality than others capturing particles in the air down to 0.3 microns in size thus eliminating high percentage of air-borne diseases. They have HEPA filter in their purifiers which assures filter capabilities of capturing airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. With the help of these air purifiers we can prevent the occurrence of air-borne diseases and allergies.


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