Stronger Than Before

>> Monday, July 25, 2011

After almost a month after my daughter was hospitalized for one day I still remember our 7-hour stay at the hospital. Because we have to wait for two hours for the laboratory result of Ruth’s blood tests I have to content myself to keep myself busy on looking at various medical equipment at the hospital. My daughter fell asleep and hubby was outside the room so I used the time observing all the activities, patients and relatives, doctors and all commotion going on.

It was hard to be at emergency room because you need to be brave enough to see different cases of emergency sickness like babies who got burned from boiling water, kids who got drowned from swimming in the river, people who can’t breathe easily due to heart problems and cases of people rushed to hospital with blood on their bodies. I was actually surprised at myself for having the strength to see them closely and still not faint on it. I believe the three pregnancies and caesarean operations helped me to stand it all and I’m thankful because I have to be strong for my own kid. Just imagine how I can I help her when I couldn’t stand the sight of blood myself. Thanks God I’m stronger now.


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