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>> Sunday, July 10, 2011


My new job is into telecommunications again but this time we’re not selling phone cards, DIDs and termination calls but the equipment used in communications. Although it has the same focus of clients the service is different from the others. I’ve been in the telecoms industry for about 10 years before this present job but I’m still learning a lot from this new work I have now. As they say there’s a lot to learn for those who seek knowledge and this one is true for me. Aside from administrative works I will have to learn logistics, shipment, importations and a lot more. For now I’m not rushing it as I’m finding the ropes slowly and carefully.

If my former job is into marketing products with the use of advertising strategy and online exposure this new job is not of that kind. I’m used to having our software specialist teaching me how some innovative solutions coming from companies like Zugo LTD can do a lot to help us reach our clients easily. They have products like Branded Start Pages and Toolbars which can help provide instant access to the best search results, links to well-liked sites, weather forecasts, local and world news and others. They can assure you that with the help of their professional team they can deliver service according to your needs and depending upon your required brand exposure and awareness to the clients. 

Good thing about their toolbars is they’re safe, easy to install and make surfing quick and enjoyable. Anyway our company is still starting up and who knows we may have needs in the future that Zugo LTD can give us. What’s important and reassuring is that they will not a threat to our computer system networks.


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