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>> Saturday, June 25, 2011

I’m happy with the new job I’ve committed myself since month of May. I’m always learning new things that I know will help me in coping with the demands of my work. In my new job I handle administrative works, a bit of human resource and logistics. I handle documents and purchasing too which makes my job somewhat a little of many things but I’m happy the way it is. It’s my first job since I joined the group of work-at-home Moms and I’m still adjusting with my new schedule which kept me restricted from doing online tasks during the day except on weekends. Nevertheless I’m thankful enough that God has given me the work blessing when tough collection is going on in my online work. 

Now since I’m not seeing myself working for when I reach a certain limit age I’m thinking of some investments that would make me feel secured that whatever happens in my online and offline job my family will still be fine. I read about how WSJ says Buy Gold to make your investment flourish and to have high returns of investment. It really sounds very promising and now I’m thinking of visiting United States Gold Bureau to know more about how it can be of help to me and to all who wants to invest their money too.


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