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>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dog is a man’s best friend and for those pet lovers they treat their dogs like their own family and sometimes much more than that. They never forget to feed them the right food, give daily vitamins and often we dress them like humans. Instead of letting their dogs stay in the doghouse within the backyard some pet owners let their pets sleep near or beside them. With all these caring for our pets we all know that without having precautionary measures from our veterinarians our lives are endangered by keeping a pet because if vaccines are not administered properly they can also harm us.

Now in this present time aside from having our beloved pets computers became the next best companion and hottest thing in a man’s eye. Almost everybody from the richest to the poorest of the society owns at least one computer set. It gives knowledge and enjoyment to its user especially when you’re online. But when you use it or let your children go online you’ll encounter sites that have malicious contents that are not suitable to their age. Sometimes they will accidentally open sites that threaten the security of the computer thus having  antivirus tools to protect your PC is very important as it will give you assurance that you’ll be protected.

Having this in mind I can now let my kids use our computer with peace of mind that they will be free from hackers and viruses. It will not also affect my budget as I can  download free antivirus anytime I want. Now they can open their social networking sites without so much worry that they will encounter bad sites along the way when they open their favorite sites. I allow them to make friends online as I also have many because of my online writing job. It’s fine as long as they also know them offline meaning they’re also friends from school and community. I don’t want them to add friends that they don’t know or barely familiar with. I want them to choose the right companion offline and online so I will not be wondering what they will be getting out of that friendship.


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