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>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

We all know that addiction of prohibited drugs and alcohol are rampant everywhere. Almost every city has these cases and most of them are in the rural areas. These dangerous drugs and alcohol destroyed not only human body but also the brain as well. It also affects the lives of the families involved. I have relatives who have undergone rehabilitation treatment but sad to say after they are treated they still come back where they are addicted before. Maybe the rehabilitation programs are not enough to treat them psychologically as they were not able to handle their post-rehabilitation life.

Now I’m happy to see that there are deeper studies and unique way of clinical treatment thru non 12 step rehab programs on how to handle person who once or repeatedly became drug dependent so that there are positive output to restore clients lives. Treatment should really be not only physically but psychological as well because drug addiction is beyond the physical dependence on drugs. It involves the patient’s state of mind because they usually incurred the addiction due to stress, problems and anxiety in life that they were not able to handle well. I’m really glad to know that there’s hope for them to return to normal lives.


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