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>> Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With the influx of high technology gadgets and fast innovations in the internet world I learned to search through my software needs online.  It has everything you’ll need and want for, just be sure to check out updates and free downloadable software.  Below are some of the software downloads that might interest you:

This is a free software created primarily for programmers to help secure a good and reliable internet connection.  PuTTY is also a useful encryption tool

If you want to have access to capture features such as filtering, gray scale, video size and reduction you can download the video capture software Virtual Dub.  Download this tool now so you can begin editing videos.

If your needs involve updating variety of video and audio codecs then VLC Downloads can answer it because it’s an open source media player that handles multi media.  Also they have this unique feature of creating customized skins for their Media Player.

4. Buying Software
There are various software and tools on sale in the market and if we want to have one of them either you buy it online or offline we should be able to determine if the amount is worth the benefit of using that software.  One of the best ways of knowing this is through reading product reviews.  Read the positive and negative feedbacks and you’ll be able   I always do it myself to ensure that o know what I’m buying is of good quality and tested by others. 

5. XChat  

This free IRC chat program is good for those who have a need to join multiple chat rooms simultaneously, maintain one on one conversation privately, talk publicly and even make some file transfers.  For interested users check out updated versions to fully enjoy the benefits of using the program.


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