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>> Monday, April 11, 2011

I had my years of living in the province when I was just a small kid up to the time that I finished my 1st grade. I had a wonderful childhood because I’ve experienced playing in the field, riding horses, playing in the trees and enjoying the sceneries of farmlands, mountains and rivers. I can never exchange it for anything in the world because it’s perfect for me. Having lived in rural lifestyle is simple yet peaceful, uncomplicated yet rewarding in the sense that you’ll live a good life if you worked hard. My Uncle and his sons were the farmers in the family and in them I saw how they used farm tractors  and other farming equipment. I learned from them some basics in planting, caring for the crops and everything I need to know about rural life. My Mom was a teacher and Dad was working in government office so it’s only my Uncle who can teach and show me the rural living. 

Looking back on those wonderful years when Uncle and Dad were still alive it made me smile how they made my childhood memorable with fun activities like picnics, fruit picking, riding at the sides of horses saddled on baskets, never ending swimming at the cool waters of rivers and a lot more. Seeing some farmers now when we get to visit my Mom’s hometown province I’m amazed at the modern innovations introduced to the rice farmers as they have tractors that can finish work at half the time. Just like the compact tractors  offered by McCormick International USA which manufactures a full line of tractors known for quality, innovative design and good craftsmanship. They also support their products by providing parts and after sales service by giving dealers extensive training to guide and advise their farmer clients.


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