Thick and Strong Hair

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

My daughters are growing up so fast and little by little I’m seeing some of myself in them especially the younger girl because she looks like me and her ways are more like me when I was her age. I noticed though that her hair is a lot thicker than mine but the same kind of long straight tresses. I like thicker hair because they have less possibility of getting thinner when they grow old. Well, I know that these days it’s not so much of a problem because there are solutions like best hair loss products but it’s always more comfortable not to use any treatment if you can help it. 

I remember my father had problems with receding hair and I’m seeing the same problem with my brother. I guess it’s the genes so I’m watching over my kids to see if they inherit the same weakness in hair. If it’s on the male side only I have to watch my little boy because he strongly resembles me and my brother . But if Josh inherited my husband’s side he’ll be worry-free. Hubby got thick and strong hair.


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