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>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I accompanied my daughter in her entrance exam for secondary schooling. On our way there I saw that the new hospital is already in full operation. It’s in the entrance of the next town to us and very accessible even if the patient has no car of his own. It’s a private hospital and not very crowded but I managed to see some health care staff as we passed by. I’m always interested to see scrubs uniforms because I’ve noticed that it’s becoming a fad now that nurses and other hospital staff wear colourful uniforms. It doesn’t matter to me as long as they maintain looking clinical and neat because colors somehow minimize nervousness when you’re in a hospital.

I remember the time I delivered my very first baby. It was on my doctor’s hospital which is known for being a good one but very expensive as well. Anyway upon entering the room for preadmission check-up I was greeted with a room of pastel colors in the curtains, bed sheet and other things. I could never forget how I felt so homey and comfortable to the sight that the fear of delivering a baby was forgotten. There’s also a television on the room so I felt very relaxed when I start to feel the labor pains. It helped me a lot to see some staff in nice scrubs also. Believe me it erased half of my apprehension and fear.


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