My Nephew’s Maritime Work

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

My nephew finished Marine Engineering course in PMI College and after two years he finally got his first contract as seaman. It’s really his dream to work in a ship and at first he can’t believe that at 22 years of age he’ll be really working there. I’m a little apprehensive because he’s so young and inexperienced. I know working in a maritime environment is a bit risky and hazardous. He told us that they were trained for the dangerous side of their work and they were put to many tests before their application were approved. His Mom who is my first cousin agreed and permitted him because he begged for it.

Now he’s been working there for about 4 years and still he love his job together with the joys, challenges and the risks that comprises his job. We’re always praying for his safety whenever he’s on board because we heard some accidents that happen on maritime jobs. Anyway I learned that these workers are protected by laws and acts giving protection for sailors and ship’s crew. If they’re injured they can always ask for assistance from Offshore Injury Lawyer to help them get their claim on maintenance and cure where their employers must pay them their salaries and medical treatment. Maritime staff and crew should know what they’re going to do in cases like injury and accidents so they will benefit from the law governing maritime protection.


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