Plans on Getting Mobile Food Trailers

>> Saturday, January 29, 2011

Times are getting hard these days and employing yourself in a company seems not enough to meet your family’s needs. I resigned from my 16-year tenure to focus on caring for my kids and my Mom and resort to online work where I can be at home while working. I’ve been lucky to enter this kind of job as I can enjoy my family, my kids and still earns enough money to provide for their needs. When I received my retirement pay from my long employment I thought of starting a meat product distributorship business but blogging took most of my time that starting a business of my own became a hard thing to do. DH and I didn’t push our plans but promised ourselves that we’ll look at it when we have time to spare. 

Now I’m having second thoughts again in rebuilding our business plans as I see many food trailers succeeding in selling their products. It’s nice to see them lined up in malls giving good service and delicious food at affordable cost. I’m asking DH if we had a chance on getting custom concessions  for our desired mobile food trailers. I’m doing feasibility studies on it and looking for a good place to sell our products. Anyway we’re also studying which of the products sell the most as that would surely give us a high return for our investment. I love food and cooking so maybe it’s appropriate to have a business related to food also.


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