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>> Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve done baby invitation for my kids because the youngest I have is already 7 years old. I missed the days when I was too busy with my world full of activities for my babies. I’m the one who designs and prints all of their invitations from birth until now. The last I’ve done was when Josh had his birthday in preparatory school. His 7th birthday has a theme last year and so I bought invitation cards for the first time. Even though it’s tasking to do baby invitations, baby thank you cards and all of my kids’ birthday invitations for the last couple of years I find it fulfilling that I can make personalized cards for them. 

Their teachers would always tell me how patient I was in doing it personally. Actually it’s not only sweet to have it that way but it’s also economical compared to commercial cards available in the market. Aside from all these reasons I want my kids to look back into their childhood and remember how I loved them so much. And that I can run an extra mile just to make special moments of their lives very special and memorable.


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