Missing My Friend in Australia

>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

I’ve talked to my friend in Australia and asked their condition there even though I know they’re not affected by the big flood. I just missed her suddenly and remembered our good times together in our past work in Design Science doing technical proposals in the night. What I loved most were our lunch escapades where we’ll go out at our office inside the village at lunchtime and try some restaurants that offer delicious foods. We love eating and trying out different foods and restaurants.

She met her kind and handsome husband online and married him after a year. She’s now happily living in Australia and enjoying the life there. She has a problem with her thyroid and undergoing treatment just like hypothyroid treatment austin so they could have a baby soon. They both agreed that they will be fine with or without baby. That wouldn’t be a hindrance to their love for each other. I wish and pray that she’ll be healed soon. I know that she’s doing great now.  She'll be having a vacation here this year and I'm excited to see her again.


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