Renovation Ideas for the House

>> Thursday, December 23, 2010

We’re planning to divide our big house into two and my brother will be designing a duplex house to have a more flexible kind. The kids are growing up so fast and we really need to have a place of our own and because our house is so big it’s not practical to get a housing loan just to have our own home. Since our old house can accommodate two or more families we decided to make it a duplex house. Now we’re getting excited with the upcoming designs of my brother who will also look into the construction of the mentioned project.

I’m searching through ideas of kitchen Cabinets  because that’s my favorite corner of the house where I can be my own boss. I love cooking and baking and I want all my utensils and small kitchen accessories in order. I don’t want clutter that’s why I need to organize things in the cabinets. I came upon CabinetStore and was glad to find variety of designs and styles to choose from. I will ask my brother to look into their array of designs and he’ll decide which is right for our duplex house. We just need to save more in order to afford the planned project.


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