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>> Thursday, December 9, 2010

When I didn’t know blogging few years ago I was amazed how people can get their own site. I know the term domain but it doesn’t sink much because our company doesn’t have any. Now when my boss decided to have our sites online that’s when I came to terms with knowing  domain name. We have two then because I was both employed in consultancy and telecommunications companies of the same owner. I served the first company for ten years before my boss transferred me to his new business of telecommunications. He wanted me to oversee everything in the company the Accounting Dept., HR Dept, Administrative and Billing & Collection Dept. I don’t have proper schooling in Accounting as I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering course but I learned my way through my associate friend.

Three years ago I entered the world of blogging and after six months I finally decided to get my own domain name. I searched and asked my friends about where to get it, what do I have to look for in provider and many things about domains. My mentor in blogging suggested I get the same provider as hers and that’s the start of my blogging career. I started my domain name search and I enjoyed it fully. My office mates were happy to see my own name with a .com on it. Since it’s my first time I was very excited about it. I told my sister about it who is into blogging also and she also got her own domain name.

Well for you out there who want to have their own domain also you can visit and check your desired names instantly. Whether you want a .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz or any other domain names you’ll have an easy checking with them. You could help yourself with some of their domain tools when you want some  domain search like the bulk lookup which you can paste unlimited number of domains to check availability. You can also use domain generator, mobile app and widgets to make checking as quick and easy as possible. You’ll be as happy as I was when you finally got your own domain name.


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