Terms of Retrenchment

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I’ve read this long time ago when I was just married for one year and still in my technical proposal job. We were having some fun talking about our job which was at the peak season and we hardly had time to sleep on our overnight works. To free ourselves from the stress of our work we talked about the funny side of resignation, suspension and retrenchment. And this was what I’ve shared to my colleagues that sent them laughing.

When someone loses their job, he or she may be dismissed, sacked, fired, kicked out, shown the door or given their marching orders, the push, the elbow or the order of the boot. Some professions, however, have their own terminology: a clergyman is defrocked, a lawyer disbarred. Why shouldn’t people in other walks of life have their own terms for dismissals? Thus:

A climber could be dismounted
An electrician could be switched doff.
A marketing manager could be sold out.
A musician could be disbanded.
A pilot could be flown off.
A police officer could be cuffed off.
A postal worker could be mailed
A soldier could be paraded off
A surgeon could be severed
A teacher could be demarked.
A train driver could be derailed.
A wine merchant could be deported
A writer could be written off.


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