Remembering Life in the Province

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

I’m not much educated or experienced about riding horses even if I used to ride on it with my brother and uncle. My uncle used to put soft baskets on each side of the horse and tucked my brother and me on each basket so we can go with him on the foot of the mountain near our town. We know if we’re heading on far distance because he would wear his riding breeches and put on his boots before riding.

When I think of my memorable childhood I wish that my kids would also have a vacation in our hometown province so they will experience living in the rural areas. They will surely have some fun swimming in the cold waters of the real rivers and not that of the man-made swimming pools in the resorts. Well my Mom and DH were talking about it last week and maybe we could fit a week’s vacation in our schedule on semestral break.


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