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>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Are Energetic

You are bright and motivated. You have a lot you want to do and the drive to get it all done.
You may or may not be successful in the traditional sense, but you measure up to your own ideas of success.

You have trouble getting along with people who are boring or lazy. You want to be where the action is.
You connect best with other high achieving types. You like to be around people who aren't just talk.

If that will connect to my being workaholic I supposed I'm really an energetic kind.  I always give my best on all of my works and I do it  with honesty while maintaining good relationship with my colleagues.  I really don't like lazy co-workers because working means doing all that's required and expected of you.  Some people I know want high salaries and promotions but they don't work as much as their desired salaries.  I believe in working for your dreams.


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