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>> Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Teamwork is a work performed by a group, a team or a band. The quality of teamwork will depend on much each member will join forces and work together in using some important factors like coordination, communication, cohesion, mutual support, effort and a great balance of contributions. Without using any of these effectively there won’t be much good results and the quality of teamwork will be low. I’ve experienced working as a team and though it’s hard to work if others won’t cooperate it’s still rewarding to think that you always have someone to lean on and you have the team of your side always. 

My technical proposal team in my previous job was given an award in 1996 because of our excellent performance. It felt so good then accepting our awards because we know we really did our best. I would have been sad if it’s not a group award because all of us deserve the recognition. It surpassed my former solo awards.


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