My Inquisitive Little Boy

>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yesterday’s rain was quite heavy and in multiple frequencies also so I had second thoughts of doing my rounds to the bank, grocery and wet market. When the sky got a little clearer I headed for my round errands with the little boy in tow. He has just arrived from school and he missed going with me on my food shopping. Actually he has some wish list on his mind when he asked me. I’m lucky because the bank was not crowded and the little boy didn’t sit in the waiting area but tagged along with me on the line asking about the security cameras he noticed. He’s always like that, very inquisitive and always fishing for information about things. Well I indulged and answered all his questions while waiting for my turn observing the guard near us who seems to be having his attention on the parking area.

I had accomplished everything in one hour and completed the little boy wish list also which are all food actually consisting of drumstick ice cream, chocolate chips cookies, strawberry knick knacks and ube cheese roll. I added some vitamins for all my kids also since we’ve shopped in a drug store grocery. After we’ve done with marketing for meat and veggies we went home as husband and my girls would be home by then.


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