How Open Minded Are You?

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Are 4% Open Minded

You may be surprised to hear that you're not very open minded... and a little judgmental.
You tend to dislike others that are different from you.
While you may be open to a few new things, you don't reach far beyond what you believe.
And it's likely that you don't even want to discuss different points of view!
I'm not judgmental as I try to understand people with different views in life.  I'm actually surprised with the questions I answered because it's about being open minded to bisexuality, vices, drugs, infidelity and many other negative things.  Disliking illegal and bad things doesn't mean disliking the people bec. sometimes  it's the spirit in them that you don't like not the person itself.  I don't have to favor their bad habits and vices just to be open minded.  Being open minded relates to understanding the situation of your family, friends and relatives and being able to give advices and tips on them whenever they need you.  I can discuss different points of view but I don't want debate especially on my belief and faith to God.  I want to share God's wonderful grace and not debate about it.


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