My Kids' Dreams and Inclination

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

I had a lazy conversation with my kids after our early dinner and they’re asking me what course I think is good for them. I told them to study the course that they want, follow their heart and inclination. Ruth wanted to follow my footsteps and she want to take Computer Engineering while my other girl Gen wants to take Computer management. My little boy who always draw beautiful houses on his paper wanted to be an architect someday. I just told them to study hard and don’t ever think of other things than their dream of getting a degree.

With regards to where they will study I told them that many schools have their own expertise. There are schools that specializes in business, others in technology, some in medicine and there is Cosmetology school in Arkansas which is for those who specializes in beauty. There are hundreds of other schools who caters to varying specialization and it’s up to students what career they should be entering.


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