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>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

My daughter loves to receive brochures from special offers in the supermarket and it extends to the rest of the mall whenever someone approaches us for a meal promo or sales promo on the stores around the place. She even gets some from the racks whenever cashier asks us to get one. Then when we reached our home she will read and contemplate on the offers available and checked out some for our next visit.

Well maybe I think it’s a good form of promotion for products, events, companies or anything that you would want to inform to the buying public. Just like my former company when we’re having big product launching and sales events. The boss would ask us to inquire and request quotation for rack card printing of our full color product information. We usually request quotes for different volumes of order so we can see how much we can save if we order by bulk.

We needed to be reached out by our clients and it’s the only way to make our products known by the consumers, we’re just a small telco and few years only in the business. After our launching I received emails and phone calls inquiring about our phone card products and services. It’s really a big help in the business, it matters a lot!


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